Samsung Galaxy S4: sheaths and accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4

In addition to the Galaxy S4 Samsung took advantage of the occasion to present new accessories for your phone, in particular cases, surely the most popular accessory and coveted by every possessor of smartphones. For the Galaxy S4 Samsung has created four different security types, let’s see them together.

Unfortunately enclosures prices weren’t disclosed, the accessories will be available in stores at the end of April with the phone.

Pouch Case Cover Samsung Galaxy S4

A soft and silky pouch designed to properly protect your phone from accidental falls. The Interior is coated with a special scratch-proof material to prevent scratching or scratching the screen. The Pouch Cover is only available in brown leather.

Flip Cover Galaxy S4

Leather Cover with front opening available in various colors: black, white, purple, red, yellow, green and blue. Definitely a great accessory to protect our Galaxy S4.

Protective Case Galaxy S4

Plastic enclosures to protect the back of the phone, but the screen remains unprotected as long as you use a film. The Protective Case is available in the following colours: white, purple, green, blue and black.

S View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4

Similar to the flip cover, with a small window in the front very useful to see the display, so we’ll always have under eye your watch and any notifications of messages and missed calls. The Cover’s View is only available in white and black.

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